City Government officials are imposing a policy requiring police officers over the age of 64 to retire or face the consequences.

This new policy would force experienced, veteran officers – those who know our city best – into retirement, even though those officers are still able to pass physical and shooting-range tests. This new policy is an insult to veteran officers, and by taking our most experience police off the streets, it does nothing to make our city safer.

Veteran officers are being told they must retire by the end of the month or they could be fired. Please sign the petition below asking city officials to reverse this policy decision and allow veteran officers to continue to serve our city.


Forcing experienced, veteran police officers to retire does nothing to make our city safer. If a veteran officer is able to pass a physical, shooting-range test, and perform his or her job, he or she should be able to continue working for the Metropolitan Police Department. Experienced, veteran officers know our city better than anyone. The City Government and MPD should reverse their policy of forced retirement for senior officers.


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