Crime in DC is skyrocketing — in the last year, more than 10,000 vehicles were broken into, thousands of firearms were recovered, and homicides increased 36 percent.

The DC Police are doing their best to keep the city safe, but as the city’s population rapidly grew by 13,000 people last year, the City Government has cut more than 400 police officer positions. It’s time to reverse these trends and hire more police officers to fight crime and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Please sign the petition below asking the DC City Council to take our city’s crime seriously, and increase our police force. It’s simple: more officers on the street will lead to a safer city.

Tell DC Elected Officials

It is unacceptable to allow violent crime to spread across our city without taking action. As DC’s population continues to grow, it’s vital that our police force grow with it. Instead, City Government has cut more than 400 police officer positions — jeopardizing my safety and the safety of our officers. It’s time to support our police force; increase the authorized staffing for the Metropolitan Police Department and hire more officers.


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