Why DC Police Union Grievances are Backlogged at PERB

The Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) is an independent D.C. Government agency that resolves disputes between the Government and labor organizations. Once a decision is made at arbitration, either party can appeal to the PERB. In order to review these cases, the PERB committee must have a quorum. During former Mayor Adrian Fenty’s tenure, he and the then AG, Peter Nickles, began a policy of appealing all arbitration decisions to the PERB, while meanwhile reducing the size of the PERB committee to one. This tactic prevented the PERB from ever establishing a quorum, causing our grievance procedure to grind to an absolute halt, for years.

Our previous Chairman, Kris Baumann, was able to lobby the DC Council to counteract this tactic and bring the number of committee members to a functional level. So while the PERB now appears to be operating normally, the backlog of cases has caused the decisions in the appeals made by the department to trickle out at a snail’s pace.

Keep in mind that while PERB has the ability to review arbitration cases, they do not have enforcement authority. So in cases where PERB upheld the arbitrator’s decision (such as AHOD 2009), they do not have the authority to enforce their decisions.

The DC Police Union has worked tirelessly to push our winning grievances through arbitration only to get bogged down at PERB. We have, and will continue, to lobby the council to help expedite this process for the benefit of our members.

Posted July 14 2015 at 4:09 PM by Gregg Pemberton | Permanent Link

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