What are the biggest issues that impact your work environment at MPD?

On December 2, 2015 members of the D.C. Police Union’s Executive Committee and MPD management met to discuss various issues affecting the membership. Topics such as unnecessary scheduling disruptions, unfair discipline, and mismanagement of our limited resources were discussed. While both MPD and the Union have had success resolving individual cases or cases that involve a small group of members, the broader issues that affect the majority of the membership seem to have had little chance of finding common ground.

As we discussed the issue of these larger matters, MPD management asked the Executive Committee to create a list of the top issues that affect the membership globally in an attempt to come to an expedited resolution. While members of the Executive Committee regularly visit roll calls and interact with our membership, we want specific answers from you, the member. We’re asking members to login to the member-only section of our website by clicking here to let us know the large scale issues that you would like the Union and MPD to attempt resolve in an expedited matter.

We will compile the responses and present them to the command staff for discussion in the coming weeks.

While the Union and MPD have at times not agreed on certain issues we appreciate MPD’s willingness to attempt to rectify major ongoing issues that have negatively affected the morale of the membership.

We look forward to your responses.

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