Message from Chairman Matthew Mahl

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

As the first day of my two year term has arrived, as your new Chairman; I want to convey, to you, the excitement and eagerness I embody bringing to fruition the strategies and ideas that I know will benefit the Members of our unshakable Department.

My team and I ran on a platform of Communication, Transparency, and Accountability. These hallmarks remain our goals going forward into the 2016-2018 term. We have a long road ahead of us, but with our commitment and resolve, we can rebuild the relationships lost over the years. I know that this Department and this City, look forward to repairing these relationships. Through this repair, we will accomplish more for our Members than ever.

I know, together, we will continue to make this the best Police Department, in the Country. Change does not happen overnight, and I ask all Members to be patient with your new Executive Council. As the Police, we operate by a different set of rules: We identify a problem, and fix it. That is exactly how your new Executive Council will approach our dealings with the City and the Department.

With that being said, allow us the time to advocate for you, our Members, and effect the desired change. The office of the Labor Committee will be open from 0900-1700, Monday through Friday (except legal holidays).

If there is anything, during the aforementioned office hours, you need from your Labor Committee, do not hesitate to contact us. Outside of those hours, you can contact your Chief Shop Steward (or, if they are not available, any one of your plentiful Shop Stewards), for assistance, with any labor related matter.

I hope all the best for each and every Member of this Department, and as always, BE SAFE.

Matthew N. Mahl


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