DC Police Union and DC FOP Lodge #1 moving forward together to represent a shared membership

On November 18, 2015 DC FOP Lodge #1 held its general election for their Board of Directors for the 2016-2018 term. Members of the DC Police Union Executive Committee were present. After the votes were casted, tallied, and announced the DC Police Union congratulated a new leadership team that wants to improve the lodge’s relationship with the Union and get more involved with all the affiliated labor committees.

A major highlight from the election was the announcement that Andy Maybo will become the new President the Lodge. Incoming President Maybo is a former Chairman of the United States Capitol Police Labor Committee and understands the importance of helping the affiliated unions. When speaking with President Maybo he said “I look forward to working with all the labor committees and will be assisting with any bills that may be presented by D.C. City Council or the Mayor that will affect the membership of the lodge and labor committees.”

The lodge will also have a brand new Vice President, Michael Murphy. Vice President Murphy is an active MPD detective and a Shop Steward for the DC Police Union. Ronald “Keith” Reid is returning to his position as a Trustee at Large, Trustee Reid is a retired MPD Detective Sergeant and is a proponent of working with the DC Police Union.

After the results were announced Chairman Delroy Burton met with President Maybo and they are actively working together to improve the way members are represented by both the DC FOP Lodge #1 and the DC Police Union. Chairman Burton stated “I am excited to work with the new leadership team and I believe our relationship between our two organizations will only grow stronger.”

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