4-10 Pilot Program in Third District

I know there has been a considerable number of rumors and talk about starting an alternative workweek schedule for patrol officers, and in fact this was one of the main scheduling concerns that I heard while campaigning with my team.

I can finally say that the rumors are true. With the help of Chief Shop Steward Ben Fetting and Chief Lanier, we are finally at a point where implementing a pilot program for the Third District is happening. In the very near future, PSA members of the Third District will be holding a matrix in order to facilitate the implementation of a ten-hour day, four days per week schedule (4-10s).

I need to remind everyone that this is a pilot program, and in an effort to make this schedule work, we are going to need the cooperation of all of the Union members of 3D. As with anything new, the first schedule we implement may not be the best, but I am sure at the end of the trial period we will have a schedule that works to make our members happier, while still providing the level of service that our residents have grown accustomed to receiving. One of the benefits of the schedule is overlapping shifts. This overlap allows for the Third District Management Team to deploy officers to neighborhoods that need higher visibility, or allow officers to work directly with the other shift officers so that knowledge of the problems in the PSA can be discussed. This way, all of our members are better prepared to do their jobs, and are able to provide the highest levels of service to the communities we protect.

After what I know will be a successful implementation of this pilot program, it will be my request that we then start rolling this out to other District patrol units, and that we then also eventually find ways to implement this schedule with other units of the Department.

The start of this pilot program is proof that my team and I are dedicated to the member’s needs and having a working relationship with the Department is only beneficial to everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns with this project please feel free to contact me or Chief Steward Fetting. Be Safe!

Posted June 21 2016 at 8:54 AM by Matthew N. Mahl | Permanent Link

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